The other night Roo was not breathing well.  I had a “mom freak out” moment and took her to the emergency vet clinic.  And he confirmed what I feared.  She has a mass in her throat.

And it’s probably cancer.  I don’t know why this disease keeps haunting me.  And I am consumed by wanting someone to blame.  I want to blame the vet that didn’t catch this a month and half ago.  I want to blame the meds she is currently taking for arthritis.  I want to blame myself for smoking in front of her all those years.   I mean, she is only 8!  Why is this happening to her now?

Roo and I have been through so much.  She was a dog I rescued from Jen jolly before Jen had a chance to take her back to the vet.  She and I got kicked out of Bridget’s house.  I had to replace the entire drip system because of Roo.  She was a crazy puppy.  Then…in the Reggie house, she ate my phone one night before I left for Seattle.  She was scared of something outside and needed attention, I guess.  We lost Ciarra, Nic, and Marc as roommates.  She got a baby brother along the way and a daddy….who closed up the kennel for good and “rescued her from jail.”

I love this dog.  She has been my snuggle buddy for years and will always be my baby girl.  I guess we are going to keep her comfortable until things get bad and then have her put down.  I am genuinely depressed.


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