So…I have this friend.  Adrianna Donnelly.  She and I teach together.  We met each other through my cousin Jessica.  We became friends during smoke breaks, talking through the night, and cheating on games because we hated game night so much.  We bonded.  When Mike went to jail, Adriana was not judgmental.  She was understanding.  She came to my wedding and has supported me a lot.

And then she got me a job at Chaparral where I learned so much.  And then, when I had to desperately get out of junior high, she put in a good word me for here at Arbor View.  I am VERY grateful for her.

Yes, she can be totally frustrating.  Yes, she can be flakey.  Yes, she can be an uncontrollable drunk.  But I love her 🙂

This year we are teaching American Studies together.  It’s great.  We share the same students and have a great time bitching about them at the bar.  It’s awesome.  We try to keep things relevant for the kids and I think they kind of like the combination of me and her.  It’s a love/hate thing.  They get tough love from her and just fun love from me.

This is Jena and Adriana…Jena is BAD for Adriana and I have to continually remind her of that.  Jena is straight, Adriana is gay.  But Jena keeps leading her on saying she can be both.  I don’t personally believe in bisexual….I think it’s a layover on the way to “gay-town.”  And if it doesn’t lead to full gay, then they are just being selfish.


Me and Donnelly…and the Christmas present I bought for her that is TOTALLY appropriate for her 🙂

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