Happy Nevada Day


Today is Nevada Day.  October 31, 2015.  A day that is celebrated no where else in the world….except for Nevada.  My home.  How did I get so lucky to grow up here?  It’s Papa’s fault, I guess.  Nellis was the last place he was stationed.  And he and Grame just stayed here.  And then my Dad never left.  he brought my mom here, he raised me and Jeremiah here…I couldnt afford California by myself…so now I’m here.

I am enjoying my day off.  I have vowed to stay in my pajamas all day long and watch meaningless television.  For hours.

Its been wonderful so far.  I do feel like I need to get something accomplished….or maybe not.

Happy Nevada Day!




I got picked!  I got picked!!!

So…the tradition at Arbor View is that the football players each get to chose their favorite teacher to escort them out on the field during the homecoming assembly in front of the whole school.  When it happened last year, I didn’t know but one football player and he didn’t pick me.  All year long I would give him shit about it.  He would say “can I go to the bathroom?” And I would reply, “well maybe if I was your favorite teacher….”

This year I have a bunch of football players.  Including one that I LOVE.  Damien Johnson.  He is such a great kid.  Going to be someone amazing some day…  He asked me 3 weeks ago to wear his jersey.  And of course, I jumped up and down and said “yay!!”

Then, the plot twist.  It turns out, the seniors are the ones who get first “draft picks” of the teachers.  So the negotiations started and Damien did his best to negotiate with the other players for me.  It was adorable.  He would come in every day saying “I talked so-and-so out of it…”  Then, the day came for choosing.  Choosing day, if you will.  And there was a SWOOP.  That kid…from last year…who was always my favorite (Noah Noce)….that I gave so much shit too.  HE CHOSE ME!!!  I feel bad for Damien cause he invested so much in me!  But Noah?!  He owes me 🙂

WAHOO!!  So, I am wearing Noah’s jersey and trying desperately to come up with a fun “walk” to make our time special.  I can’t express how great I feel!!

Mike says I’m being ridiculous.  He says “you’re acting like you are IN high school, not teaching it.”  And to him I say “WHO CARES?!”  This is an honor.  An honor that I was “fought over” for favorite teacher.  An honor that I had multiple students who want to parade ME down the field as their favorite teacher.  It’s moments like this that will keep me going for years.

And I write it down so that I can look back and read this when I feel like I want to punch kids!

Homecoming 2015.  Awesome


Monday October 5, 2015


I had a big fight with Mike yesterday.  And our fights always get really nasty.  Name calling, threats of divorce, me packing a bag, telling him this is MY house, etc.  Nasty.

I went to my mom’s house where I had a legit meltdown and cried and cried.  I don’t know why I am so emotional lately, but I am.  It’s infuriating.  Or maybe Mike is infuriating.  But something that Rachel and my mom said that really pissed me off….hit me hard.  They said “maybe this is your issue and not Mike’s.”  Ouch.  Maybe it is my issue?  That I haven’t forgiven him for his drug use when we were first dating.  And because I haven’t forgiven him for that I get really emotional over him drinking and doing coke.  Well, HELL YES this is my issue.  I have to figure out where to draw the line!  And I want to so desperately to be a black and white issue but it isn’t.  I would like to be able to say that I will leave him if he cheats on me or I will leave him if he uses heroin again.  But my mom said, “it isn’t as simple as that.” So, maybe thats why I was so upset.

I just don’t think he should go down that road with his history.  And I don’t ever want to be that girl again- the one who gets blindsided by the issues of her significant other.

Its frustrating.

Today I feel better.  My mom helped me work through it.  Thank you for my Mom, Lord.