Last day of summer school


As JD walked out the door, I felt my spirits lift.  “He’s gone!” I shouted in my head.  I can relax!  I never have to see that kid again!  If I do see him or his Dad on the street I might have to point out how annoying they are…how they think the world revolves around them….how JD has no real life skills because he thinks he knows everything.  I’m sure it comes from Dad.  I met the man, he was a piece of shit.

I have a few more I can’t wait to get rid of.  JF who plays with his hair constantly.  He doesn’t listen and bold faced LIED to me about going to Gorman.  KL who sat and stared at her hands for 3 weeks.  She failed this semester.  But has an IEP…so this could come back to haunt me.  Nah, I think I’ll fail her.  CD is annoying because of his face…and the fact that he has one ear bud hanging out of his ear at all times- even without a phone to plug into!  .  And DP…the only kid in US History who I couldn’t stand.  He would put his head down and close his eyes for 10 minutes at a time until I finally said “wake up.”  Then, he would swear he wasn’t sleeping.  I’m not sure what the difference is…but this has been my summer school nightmare.

Hmmm..let’s try the power of positive thinking.  Enhri.  He was on my shit list for most of the 1st semester.  Now, he is one I enjoyed.  He made it through…just barely…and his parents were extremely helpful.  Seth, Trevor, Rhythmn, Nova, Robert, Jordan, Parker, Skylar….all the US history kids who kept me going for most of the summer.  Their project worked out great yesterday and I am confident that they learned something.  That makes it worth it.

Brenden.  He and I would have been friends in high school.  Zack…I just want to save him like a puppy dog.  Ahmaad and Ahmed.  Both great students..both the kind of kids you keep teaching for.  And Gage…who took this class just to get a better grade so he could get into the Air Force Academy.

There are a lot more students I like than hate.  As I say “goodbye” or “good riddance”…I will TRY to keep that in perspective.  Lord, help me stay positive…and I promise I WILL NEVER TEACH SUMMER SCHOOL AGAIN.


July 7, 2015


July is a tricky month.  It has my favorite holiday in it….the 4th.  It’s my Grame’s birthday.  She is 87 this year….I am thankful to have her another year.  She seemed a little down this year.  But she rallied and picked up her sparkler an sang, “Happy Birthday to me!”

July 8th is Jessica’s birthday.  I am very thankful to have her in my life.  She is my biggest supported and probably biggest critic.  We have been through a lot together.  I wonder what we will do for her bday.

Vito and Roo have had a hard couple of days.  Fireworks and thunder are not their favorite things in the world.  I am thankful for these puppies.  They make me happy.

Paul and Christa are coming into town this weekend.  Mike and I are hanging out with them on Saturday night.

Next weekend Rachel comes into town.  And the weekend after that, Mike and I will be in Portland on vacation!  Yay!

This summer is moving quickly.  Summer school is not as annoying as it was the first 3 weeks.

I got to talk to Britt yesterday and she made me peaceful.  She writes a daily email about working in the garden and running the earth through her fingers.  It makes me peaceful just thinking about it.


This is from Mike and Graham’s birthday celebration at the Spazmatics.  Jillian and Jim came into today to celebrate with us.  It was a really fun night.


Vito hiding between my legs and under that table to get some comfort from fireworks and thunder and washing machines and whatever else he is needs….