The best part of high school…..


Teaching high school, that is.

This year has been extremelyI memorable so far and we are only  9 weeks in!  I really love my new school and don’t mind driving 45 minutes each way/day because it’s so great.  The kids are great, the subject I teach is great.

Enough hearts and flowers:

Here are some things that are super annoying.

1.  This generation of students are OBSESSED with their phone.  They wont get off of them and they need constant stimulation.  It’s hard to compete with, as a teacher.  I have started using edmodo which is an online site where students can access assignments and get extra credit- but that’s time consuming.  Plus, it’s not as cool as facebook or twitter.

2.  This generation of students are LAZY.  Not as lazy as some of the other schools I’ve been in but they are close.  The good thing is that the majority of parents seem to be “on top” of the situation and they actually do work.  They learn that good grades gets them rewards from their parents and society in general.  They all have a path to run on and a future ahead of them. In the other schools I have taught in there has been no focus.  They are headed towards welfare and they are ok with it.  Here they want college and life experiences and that motivates them to work.

So I definitely have to change things up a little.  i’m not sure how to do it.  How do I reach these unconnected/want to be connected students of 2014??