Blonde moment


Well, I had quite the blonde moment today.  And I don’t like saying “blonde movement” because I know it offends blondes….but there is no other way to describe it so that my readers will understand.  So, just get over it with my apologies.

My classroom has been unbearably hot for the past 4 weeks.  I have brought in fans from home and have worn my hair up whenever possible.  I didn’t want to be the “new girl” who was bitching about her classroom.  So I just dealt with it…..for 4 weeks…..


Today, I couldn’t take it anymore!!!  I finally emailed the facilities director who replied with “Make sure the thermostat is pushed all the way to the left.”

Thermostat?  WTF?!  I have a thermostat? 

Yes, yes, I have a thermostat.  The janitor came up and pointed it out behind a bookcase of books.  He push the “lever” over the left and it instantly got cooler.

God, I feel like an idiot.