Last day


Today is the last day of school….

Some of these students I will miss….some of the I will NOT miss.  THere is an air of thankfulness around the school today and it’s actually nice.  I think some students are happy they don’t have to come back to junior high.  I remember leaving Burkholder middle school and promising I would never go back.  I maintain firmly that junior high was the hardest years of my life.  I was awkward physically and emotionally….I hardly remember anything about what I learned.  I remember Mrs. Terry and Mr. Ziegler….I think there was a Mr. Springer too.

So I can empathize with what these kids are going through.  I don’t excuse it…but I can empathize.  But today I say goodbye…good riddance in a lot of cases.  My room is bare, my car is packed and my heart is light.  I think this is going to be an enlightening summer.